Resource: Acquainted

Easy, streamlined, FREE!

This is similar to several polling sites, but you can customize the feedback based on the answer the student chooses!

Great for reviews! As far as I can tell, the kiddos don’t have to sign in- so you won’t get individual feedback (it does gather information for the overall results). It might be possible for individual feedback, but the kids would need to create an account and that sounds like too much work.


Two links:

Sample Quiz

General Resource Site


Resource: Purpose Games

Purpose Games is another game-creator. It basically has similar elements to Wizer, but is a little quicker and simpler. Account creation is free, and the site has a user agreement that stipulates NO offensive material may be posted, so you can assume it’s relatively safe.

No Google connection, but school email was “pre-screened” and signing up was easy.

There are several game options: matching, typing the answer, labeling an image, etc. There is a timer and students can log in to join the game rankings (because what kids don’t like competition??).

purpose ss.PNG

Resource Link

Resource: Conjuguemos

This resource is specifically for language teachers! There are some free resources available, but the best features are paid for.

The price is $45 per school + $5 per teacher. I emailed the host and he cut me a deal for $30 since I am paying out of pocket.

Students can either make their own accounts if you want to keep track of their progress, or you can create a dummy student account that all students use to log in (I do this and do not track progress and only use the site as practice).

You can create either grammar or vocabulary activities. The grammar ones have one format, but the vocabulary lists have a timed quiz option, games, and more.


Link to Resource


Resource: Quizizz

This is best for individual review time. It is NOT like Kahoot in that students work at their own pace. You can project the leaderboard on the screen- but I didn’t like how it showed a red bar that grew as students got more answers wrong!

Students do have to join the quiz using a code (or it can be embedded into Classroom- which only sometimes worked for us), but once they have the code, they are good to do the quiz whenever.

I did like the ease of the creating the questions and answers (faster than Kahoot), and the options to add memes. 🙂


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Resource: Wizer

This is my new favorite thing. Wizer allows you to create interactive worksheets that self-grade. You can add as many different modules as you like to your worksheet, and it can be assigned through Google Classroom.

The modules include things like matching, fill in the blank, tables/charts, labeling, video embeds, audio uploads, and more.


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Resource: Sporcle

This is a resource that seems a little shady but has worked like a charm in a pinch. It takes a little bit of work to navigate at times, but the result is great. You can create multiple types of quizzes/ games (all depends on how you present it, right??), and I have yet to see it be blocked from the students’end.


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