Resource: Flippity

Flippity has saved my life on more than a few occasions. This is an extension that works with Google Sheets to create different games and activities. For Spanish, I have found the matching, quiz show, and bingo games to be most effective. Bingo is especially fun if you have devices with touchscreens- NO MORE BACK... Continue Reading →


Resource: Wizer

This is my new favorite thing. Wizer allows you to create interactive worksheets that self-grade. You can add as many different modules as you like to your worksheet, and it can be assigned through Google Classroom. The modules include things like matching, fill in the blank, tables/charts, labeling, video embeds, audio uploads, and more. Link... Continue Reading →

App: Groovy Grader

Forget the old-school, cardboard, slidey thing all your 60 year old teachers used when you were a kid. ¬†Download the Groovy Grader App for free, and you can change the number of questions, and it will give you allllll the grades. One less thing you have to remember to bring home with you. Or to... Continue Reading →

Resource: Word Search Maker

Another great resource for vocabulary review, or for the dreaded "busy work" you sometimes need during state testing days or for subs. While it's busy work, it's not always useless work. In Spanish my students benefit from a word search when learning how to spell. I like making a class set, putting them into a... Continue Reading →

Resource: Online Timer

I use timers in my classroom a lot to keep myself, and my students, accountable and on-task. One of my favorite ways to review for tests is by running stations during the class period. I usually have 4 stations the students rotate through that last about 10 minutes each. My problem was that I could... Continue Reading →

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