Resource: Purpose Games

Purpose Games is another game-creator. It basically has similar elements to Wizer, but is a little quicker and simpler. Account creation is free, and the site has a user agreement that stipulates NO offensive material may be posted, so you can assume it's relatively safe. No Google connection, but school email was "pre-screened" and signing... Continue Reading →


Resource: Discovery Education Puzzlemaker

Discovery Education is a very hit and miss resource for me. They aren't super strong in the world lanugage department, but there are some gems. Their Puzzlemaker page has generators for every kind of puzzle, which for Spanish is great for last minute, time-filling vocab activities. Each one is easy to use and easy to... Continue Reading →

Resource: SchoolTube

YouTube, but without the junk. SchoolTube has taken the best of the educational web and condensed it into something useful. It obviously doesn't have as many options as YouTube, but at least everything on the site is high-quality.

Game: Slap Jack

You may be familiar with this game as it goes by several names, but Slap Jack is one of the easiest and quickest games to produce. Kids love it, but it does get a little loud, so if you have a hard time with chaos, this might not be for you. Use the template below... Continue Reading →

App: Groovy Grader

Forget the old-school, cardboard, slidey thing all your 60 year old teachers used when you were a kid. ¬†Download the Groovy Grader App for free, and you can change the number of questions, and it will give you allllll the grades. One less thing you have to remember to bring home with you. Or to... Continue Reading →

Resource: Kahoot

Kahoot is slowly spreading through classrooms, especially as 1:1 is becoming more and more prevalent. We are on our way to 1:1 in our district, but between my students' smart phones, and the Lenovo tablets I gained through Donors Choose, I am able to put a device in the hands of most of my students,... Continue Reading →

Resource: Bingo Cards

BINGO is good for review with vocabulary words. You can create the squares with whatever words you want, and this resource is easy to use. You do, however, have to work the system if you want it to be free. The catch to this resource is that it only creates a PDF file that includes... Continue Reading →

Resource: Word Search Maker

Another great resource for vocabulary review, or for the dreaded "busy work" you sometimes need during state testing days or for subs. While it's busy work, it's not always useless work. In Spanish my students benefit from a word search when learning how to spell. I like making a class set, putting them into a... Continue Reading →

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