Game: Slap Jack

You may be familiar with this game as it goes by several names, but Slap Jack is one of the easiest and quickest games to produce. Kids love it, but it does get a little loud, so if you have a hard time with chaos, this might not be for you.

Use the template below and type in whatever information you need the kids to know. It could be math formulas, answers to math equations, vocabulary, history facts, whatever. Provide either the answer or the question on the cards, but don’t provide both.

Print out as many copies as you need to have kids in groups of 2-3, and use a papercutter to cut along the lines. FAST.  (Lamination is great if you have time)

Once kids are in a group, have them spread the cards out face up between them. Explain that you will call out a math problem, or vocab word/definition, etc and the first person to “slap” the card with the answer will get to keep that card (like a point). The student at the end with the most cards wins (in my case, they earn a sticker towards a prize).

Kids get super competitive, but just remind them its a game and to respect personal space! It can be a rapid-fire kind of game (vocab), or it could be slower paced (math problems that need solving).

Slap Jack Template- Word Doc