Resource: SchoolTube

YouTube, but without the junk.

SchoolTube has taken the best of the educational web and condensed it into something useful.

It obviously doesn’t have as many options as YouTube, but at least everything on the site is high-quality.

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Resource: BlendSpace

BlendSpace is a great, FREE, resource that makes computer time easy in the classroom, or in the lab.

You can create a free account, and start creating instantly. BlendSpace allows for the dragging and dropping of links into the boxed templates, as well as the embedding of YouTube videos and more.

I used this to set up a series of tasks for my students to learn about Día de los muertos. The only problem I ran into was YouTube links not working because of the blockers we have set up in our district. Otherwise, it was wonderful. Everything was self-explanatory and students knew exactly what to do next.

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App: Groovy Grader

Forget the old-school, cardboard, slidey thing all your 60 year old teachers used when you were a kid.  Download the Groovy Grader App for free, and you can change the number of questions, and it will give you allllll the grades.

One less thing you have to remember to bring home with you.

Or to professional development.

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Resource: Kahoot

Kahoot is slowly spreading through classrooms, especially as 1:1 is becoming more and more prevalent. We are on our way to 1:1 in our district, but between my students’ smart phones, and the Lenovo tablets I gained through Donors Choose, I am able to put a device in the hands of most of my students, if not in pairs.

Kahoot is a pretty basic quizzing website that allows you to create a quiz questions. You pull the website up on a projector, and gives your students both a website and a PIN number.

They go to the site, enter the PIN, type in their name, and their name will appear on the main screen.

Once everyone is logged in and you begin the quiz, all of the students’ devices turn into answer pads. They choose the answer color/shape that corresponds with their answer pad.

Resource Here

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